Wonderful book, with which I started studying the basics of physics, electronics and automation at the age of 11. Everything is described in a very accessible way, very rich illustrations. Despite the year of publication, many of information presented in the book are not outdated. I recommend it to all beginners and even professionals! Not sure if there is a translation into English, but I strongly advise you to look. Below is the official description.

The first edition of the practical encyclopedia of the radio amateur “Electronics Step by Step” by R. A. Svoren was released in 1979 and immediately gained wide popularity. It includes popular stories about the basics of electrical engineering, electronics and radio engineering, about sound recording, television, radio communications, electronic music, automation and computer technology.

This book is based on the second expanded edition, published in 1986. The main (training) part lefted almost unchanged; to link to modern realities and terminology, the book is supplemented with comments, as well as a “Workshop” based on modern components.

Publisher decided to leave all original drawings “as is” (including text captions) – they were scanned and cleaned, but saved in raster form, maintaining continuity with the author’s lifetime edition.

For a wide range of electronics lovers.

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