About me

Good afternoon dear friend! Thank you for visiting my personal blog!

Let’s meet!

My name is Oleksandr Cheban-Lianka.

I think, first of all it’s important to say about reason for creating this website.

The main reason – blog is my resume. So, if you are recruiter headhunter or employer and have interesting offer, I will be glad to consider it.

I also hope, that information presented here will be useful to everyone who is interested in mechanics and electronics.

It’s also important to note, that I have the utmost respect for intellectual property rights. If you believe that information I have provided in any way affects your rights, please contact me and we will definitely resolve this annoying situation.

Now, let me briefly introduce myself.

Electronics & mechanics is my hobby since the age of 11. From the same age until graduation from middle school, I was student-member of the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Was engaged in the section of electronics and apparatuses construction.

At the age of 13 and 16, with devices of my own design, I won in my city and participated in regional competitions in electronics.

Create my first programmable device at the age of 16.

Graduated from middle school at the age of 16, with special distinction for study of physics.

I have two higher educations. Marine Engineering Bachelor’s Degree and Information Security Bachelor’s Degree.

In 2014-2017, worked in position of engineer in laboratory for verification and calibration of gas metering devices in the Izmail gas delivery company.

Completed additional training at the Odessa Academy of Technical Regulation and Quality. Was certified as a metrologyst for the verification and calibration of measuring equipment of heat engineering quantities.

Attended many courses on planning, motivation, conflict management, time management and others.

Have good experience in building computer networks, video surveillance networks, fire and security systems.

Between sea contracts, every time for 2-3 months I work under contract in the technical department of the police, install security systems.

My life credo – “Learn to the last breath!